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Summary C++ Game Development Kit
Category libraries
License X/MIT License
Owner(s) chocapic


Create and maintain a

  • cross-platform
  • object-oriented
  • well structured
  • easy to use
C++ SDK that will help developpers creating games.


There are many 3d engines all over the net but only a few general-purpose game-targeted SDK's

In order to shorten game-development cycles, there is a need for a SDK that would provide most of the common features that are needed in almost every game (File-system, inputs system, gui...)

Such an SDK should remain independent of the tools and middlewares choosen by the end-user (Most notably 3d engines)


  • We will use programming language C++ on windows, using visual studio for now.
  • We will not consider multihreading issues for now
  • We will focus more on high quality code production than fast developpement


  • User should be able to use only parts of the SDK
  • It already exist very good libraries for low-level features that are needed in almost every game. Such low-level third party libraries should be used for parts like sound, network, database, video, compression...